ENCORE: Adults 55 years and older

Encore: "When performers return to the stage to give an additional performance-sometimes of the same piece".-Wikipedia

ENCORE is College Church of the Nazarene's ministry to adults 55 years and older. Another definition of encore: an extra or repeated performance given to enthusiastic demand. At College Church we know that there is still a lot of life to rejoice in as adults are nearing or are in their retirement years. ENCORE celebrated this additional performance of life by providing opportunities to connect with each other through faith, fellowship and fun.For more information regarding ENCORE ministries please call: 208-466-8421 or email Chuck Hagemeier at chuck630.h@gmail.com

Upcoming Events

August 25th- Game Night!

Watch for more details about this exciting activity! For more information contact Chuck and Lynnie Hagemeier at chuck630.h@gmail.com