PHASE THREE-May 30-June 12

Tentative Library hours: 

Tuesdays 10:00 a.m. - 12:00p.m.

❖Only one librarian will be on duty.

❖Librarian will wear face mask and use hand sanitizer

after each checkout.

❖Only three patrons will be allowed in library at one

time. Each patron will be responsible for physical

distancing. Other patrons will wait their turn outside

the library door staying six feet apart.

❖All checked out materials will be placed in plastic


❖All books should be returned to the Library Book

Return in front of the Church Office & none to checkout desk or church office.

❖Returned materials will be sanitized before shelving.

The outside of Library Book Return will be sanitized

after each emptying.

❖The librarian will sanitize the entire check-out desk

area and work room areas after each closing.

❖The librarian will spray the entire library with spray

disinfectant after each closing.

For questions please call 208.466.8421 or