Nazarene Missions International

Nampa College Church of the Nazarene is in line with the denomination's heart for worldwide missions work. As a part of this effort, NCC leads multiple Work & Witness efforts, including trips for adults, for preteens, for teenagers, as well as intergenerational mission efforts.

If you are interested in participating in the mission work of NCC either locally or abroad, please contact Pastor Dave at, who will put you in contact with the proper channels on our NMI Council.

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Monthly prayer calendar

Welcome to the new monthly missions prayer calendar for NCC. Each month we will offer prayer requests for each day in four missions foci:

1) Local ministries NCC supports;

2) Prayer support for our church staff;

3) Nazarene missions international;

4) Southeast Asia (SEA) partners.

Do you want to change the world? Pray!

JUne 2021

1 - Pastor Scott & Debbie as they rejoice in having their family around them

2 - Our church workday on June 12, for protection, efficiency, and fellowship

3 - NNU staff, students, and faculty as they seek summer work, follow in-line classes, and enjoy their summer vacations

4 - Praise for the generous Easter offering for missions in SE Asia

5 – Our move to the Brandt Center for the summer and all the logistics that are involved

6 - Health and healing for members of the congregation battling illness

7 – For the extensive remodeling work being done this summer to our sanctuary

8 - NNU students to find summer jobs and income for next year’s tuition/costs

9 - Strength and endurance for hospital/medical workers everywhere, especially in places like South Africa, India, Thailand and other COVID hot spots

10 - Thank the Lord for new folks who have found a home in the New Creation Church in Middleton

11 - Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit for Pastor Chelsea as she leads the Middleton congregation

12 - Refreshment for the Goosens our own missionary family while they are home in the States

13- Peace in Myanmar and Haiti and resolution to rioting and unrest

14 - Prayers for NNU’s baseball team as they represent us in the College World Series beginning June 5

15 - Pray for our International Headquarters team as they search for employees for key positions

16 - Pray for the family of Dr. Gustavo Crocker, as they continue to grieve the loss of his sister and brother-in-law to COVID-19, and make difficult adjustments to new realities

17 - Bible college students in Thailand to be open to and to hear God’s call into full-time ministry.

18 - Funding for team members as we are hoping to go to Southeast Asia in 2022

19 - Pray for our local ministry partners; Love Inc, Hands of Hope NW, Salvation Army, Because International, Boise Rescue Mission, Nampa Care House, The Joseph Project, and MAF.

20 - Wisdom for our church and First Nazarene as we partner in SE Asia

21 - Youth in Thailand who are rising up eager to listen to God and to follow the Holy Spirit's direction

22 - SEA Team members in language learning while also balancing family needs

23 - Safety for Shahade, Annabaelle and their daughters in a creative access country

24 - Discipleship and church planting in Cambodia, Thailand, and Myanmar

25 - For safe travel for our Nazarene College Teams that are ministering in Utah this summer

26 - Safety for those serving in Myanmar during the political unrest

27 - Spiritual growth for all our Nazarene brothers and sisters around the world

28 - That our Easter Offering funds will have a spiritual impact in SE Asia

29 - For the Lord to call new pastors around the world

30 - For immigrants and refugees around the world and those caring for them


Lord, as we walk through this season, give us grateful hearts for all you have sacrificed for us. But Lord let us not forget our brothers and sisters around the world for whom you also died. Help us never to lose sight of your love for the whole world, not just for us. Holy Spirit, prompt us to pray these requests and more for your people around the world. Give us hearts of compassion for all your people. May your salvation be known over all the earth as the waters cover the sea. In the name of the resurrected Jesus, we pray. Amen.

If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it. John 14:14

South East Asia Field Partnership (SEA):


Can we imagine what a difference a Bible, a bicycle, or a clean drink of water can make in the life of someone? This is the opportunity that we have been given through our Easter Offering for Southeast Asia on Sunday, April 4th. Lives can be changed at every level; spiritually, economically, and health-wise. It is certainly true that own lives are challenged today in the same ways. We all know what it means to face difficulty just in the common everyday aspects of life.

These three projects are all important to our work in Southeast Asia. With a $10,000 offering we can buy provide 200 Bibles, drill two wells and supply enough bicycles for a small village. 


What if you wanted to learn but could not get to school? What if you wanted to work but could not get to your place of work? What if you wanted to connect and be discipled in your relationship with Christ but had no way to get to church? And what if even the simplest means of transportation cost more than 2 months of your income? Bicycles range from $50-$85, depending on whether the bike is needed for a child, youth, or an adult. This is more than many people make in 1 month or even several months.

By supplying bicycles to local villages and communities in Cambodia, we will not only be providing transportation to school, work, and church, but children and youth on bicycles are also far less susceptible to exploitation. Our churches have plans to offer training to families on how to responsibly care for their bikes so they will last for many years. This ministry also opens the door for our pastors and church members to regularly visit families, share the hope that we have in Jesus Christ, and disciple them as they come to know and follow Christ. Will you help provide a bicycle for a child, teenager, or adult in a local village in Cambodia? 


A Bible is something we can easily take for granted, but it is not so in Southeast Asia. There are often only a few people in a church who own a Bible. They are treasured not only for their scarcity, but also because they are the best means a Christian has to fight against demonic worship and false religions. We know that Faith comes by the hearing of the Word. Both hard-copy and audio tools are vital to the growth of the church and forming Christ-like disciples. 


One of the most basic needs for humanity is clean water. Not only does it maintain and support good health, but it greatly simplifies that daily routine for people who don’t have to travel miles to find clean water. At the same time, a well becomes a gathering place for people, a meeting place for friends and families. Can you imagine a well in the front yard of a church? Water becomes a source of spiritual life for people! Community gardens can be planted, young gardeners can be trained, and bonds of friendship created. A well costs in the neighborhood of $2500 to drill. This is a once in a lifetime investment for a village and the local church. 


As you prayerfully consider your participation in this Easter Offering for Southeast Asia please mark your contributions both online and in-person specifically for this cause. For questions or more information please contact our NMI President, Pastor Dave Fraley:

  • May 23 Sunday at 6:00 PM- The Goossens, our own NNC missionaries to the Fiji Islands, present their work.
  • June 27 Sunday at 6:00 PM- Dean and Cheryl Cowles, from our NCC Family, will share their ministry at the World Gospel Mission Tenwek Hospital in Kenya