NCC Nampa and Middleton: Regathering Update -May 30, 2020

Members and friends of NCC, as the state of Idaho moves into stage three of the Governor’s plan for rebound in response to the COVID-19 challenges, we wanted to update you on the church’s plans for regathering. Thank you for your patience during this time and for the ways so many of you have stayed connected to the congregation and to the needs around you.

We recognize that, assuming things progress and the state moves into stage four, as we begin to have opportunities to regather in person, that many will not, and should not, return yet because of the risks involved. The church staff will continue to do as much as possible to make worship services, times of connection, and bible study resources available, not only through these latter two stages, but throughout the summer and beyond.

In All Stages NCC Congregants Should:

• Engage in social distancing

• Wear face coverings in public places

• Stay home if not feeling well

• Practice good hand hygiene

• Cover coughs and sneezes

In All Stages NCC Staff and Volunteers Will:

• Encourage social distancing

• Ensure frequent cleaning and disinfection of the church building

• Provide a limited number of face masks to guests


Phase 4: June 13-26

(Sundays 6/14; 6/21)

Key “Rebound” Policies from the CDC and the State of Idaho:

  • Public and Private Gatherings of over 50 Permitted (with social distancing)
  • All Employees May Return to Work
  • Large Venues Open

NCC Regathering Plan:

  1. Family worship service at 10:45am on Nampa Campus with limited capacity and marked off seating begins June 14
  2. Family worship service at 9:30am on Middleton Campus with limited capacity and marked off seating begins June 14
  3. The 10:45 Nampa service will be broadcast online and midweek Bible study materials for adults will continue to be available online
  4. The service will be designed to be as touchless as possible, worship folders will be available online only, offering plates or boxes will be available upon leaving, etc. 
  5. The coffee cart and other food will be unavailable
  6. Masks are strongly encouraged (especially during singing) , so please bring your own masks, we will have a limited number available if needed.
  7. Wednesday children and youth activities resume Jun 17 - no Wednesday meal until Fall. Adult in person bible studies and classes will resume later in the summer or fall.

As we have been preparing for regathering, we are doing everything we can to make the church as safe and as clean as we can possibly make it. There will be some new practices and even some new forms of “traffic flow” in the buildings that we will all have to get used to for a while. In talking with our volunteers and preparing for regathering two very significant needs have arisen that we could use your help with. Our volunteer bases in two areas, children’s ministry and our greeting teams, are primarily made up of people in physically vulnerable age-groups and categories. The majority of our helpers in those areas have expressed that they will likely be unable to regather in worship until a much later time.

That will likely mean that, although adult and youth Sunday school classes may start regathering June 14, we will not be able to offer children’s Sunday school classes on the Nampa campus until later in the summer or until we have a new base of volunteers who can assist in those classes. If you are able and willing to help us in this area, please contact Pastor Heather Pillers (

Although greeting will be limited for a few more weeks, the need for help making sure people are seated in the right places, are aware of how “traffic” should flow in the building and are practicing good social distancing is significant. It is imperative that a number of people step forward, on both the Nampa and Middleton campuses, and help us in this area of ministry. If you are able and willing to help us in this area on the Nampa Campus, please contact Pastor Todd MacDonald or Pastor Ashley Gage ( or If you are willing and able to help us in this area on the Middleton Campus, please contact Pastor Chelsea Pearsall (

Thanks again for all the ways you have connected, supported, and encouraged during this highly unusual and difficult time. We still have a way to go before we are close to some sense of normal. For those who are ready to begin regathering, we look forward to being together in a couple of weeks. For those who still need time, we will continue to do everything we can to stay connected as a body. Remember, you are the Church. The Church is always open to one another and to the world, we just don’t always get to gather in the ways we love. This is temporary, we are eternal.


Pastor Scott